100 Ideas is a simple problem-solving idea for individuals, teams, and organizations. It uses a simple and straightforward approach (idea) to problem identification.  Identify problem stands in between problem and problem resolution, in other words it stands in your way of your business success or further success.


How would you like to spot problem in your business before your competition does? You know them well, or you could not survive.  


You can probably name three problems at work that have trouble you and you have given up solving them long time ago. They create countless of sleepless night. How would the results like if the problem can be resolved?


The website dedicates to provide ideas to identify problem, a simple way to identify problem. Solution can only develop when a problem is identified. This is also why many of the new products fail to sell and exist, because they do not have a problem to solve.


If any solution offers here is just an illustration. As all roads lead to Rome; different paths can take one to the same goal. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. That is why no solution is offered here. There is no intention to limit your creativity in problem resolution. 


100 Ideas is dedicated to Kaizen and Leadership. Have fun! Be happy!



Hope this site can be your companion. Now leave you pondering the key issues you faced so far.